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Being healthy is a human need and it must be. People do yoga, gym, and other exercises to stay fit. After Covid-19 people get more aware of their health. Due to the huge demand and awareness to say fit, businesses are also growing in these fields. Businessmen are opening gyms, yoga centers, and much more.

Going online with fitness apps is one of the best ideas. It boosts business and gives more revenue. So today in this blog, we are going to give you detailed information about the fitness mobile apps development procedure, its cost, features, types, and much more.

Future of Fitness Apps

According to reports from Statista, the fitness apps business will grow by 23% by 2026.

Revenue is expected to be US$20,499m by 2023.

The average revenue per user is expected to amount to $26.64

User penetration is expected to hit 15.92% by 2026.

A report published by Grand View Research states that the fitness app market is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.4% from 2021 to 2028.

It is impressive to know the growth of fitness apps’ business. Startups can also come online with their apps and grow their revenue.

Why Should You Develop a Custom Fitness App to Increase Your Business?

According to statistics, you can notice that fitness app demand will increase in the near future. Startups, and small and big enterprises are going online with custom fitness apps. Here I will explain to you why people choose fitness apps and why you should create an app for your business.

Lack of time

Now everybody has busy schedules, saving time to go to the gym and centers for exercise is quite tough now. Covid-19 has also played a major role in that now people want to access a maximum number of things at their homes. So people can do exercise with fitness app guidance. They don’t need to go anywhere which saves time.

Fitness is in everything

Fitness apps can notice your 24-hour activity and keep sending notifications about how many calories you have burned, how many steps you have covered today, your heart rate, etc. People love to track their activities with apps.

Shows progress

A feature-rich fitness app shows little progress in user efforts. It motivates them. It feels like a game and users do regular exercise. As a businessman, you can also include these features in your custom app.

Custom Fitness App

Gym affordability

Not only time but budget is also an issue for many people. They want to do exercise, and need a coach but cannot afford to go to the gym or health centers. Here a good feature-rich fitness app can help them to stay fit.


Coaches charge much more and it’s difficult for many people to hire them. This issue can be solved with fitness apps that provide guidance with audio and videos. 

Types of Custom Fitness Applications:

1. Online fitness and workout apps

A workout or fitness app is developed to provide online guidance related to various types of exercises such as 

How to lose tummy fat 

How to get slim

Special exercises for arms and legs

Exercise for core strength

Exercise for upper and lower body differently 

Yoga classes

Different exercises for men and women

Exercise for pregnant women.

Guidance can be given by a live class or recorded. Users can join paid courses also.

2. Diet and nutrition apps

Fitness apps based on diet and nutrition help users stay fit by taking a good amount of diet and nutritions. Users can maintain weight by eating proper food. A custom has offered guidance to a different type of users such as

Different age group

Different diet charts for men and women

Diet and nutrition chart for pregnant and lactating women

Diet chart for players

You can design and develop a fitness app according to your requirements and business type.

3. Activity tracking apps

Custom activity-tracking fitness apps are design and develop in a way that counts down daily physical activity such as counting for 

How many hours a user took a nap

Steps taken

Distance covered by running

Floors climbed 

How many calories are burnt in a day?

These apps are mainly designed for wearables and watches. Apps collect data and show in chart forms. A user-friendly fitness app makes it easy to understand data for users.

How To Get An On-Demand Fitness App?

Now, we know that going online with our businesses helps us to reach the maximum number of people and boost our revenue. But the question is how can you get a feature-rich custom fitness app? The answer is here:

  • Fitness App Type: As we know there are various types of fitness apps based on nutrition and diet guidance, workout apps, and daily activity tracking apps. You should choose which type of services you can provide to your users, in which type of service you are perfect. It helps you to stand out in a competitive world.
  • Monetization Strategy: Select a fitness app revenue model to boost your business. You may opt for monetization options such as ads, sponsored content, paid apps, in-app purchases, etc. 
  • App Features:  You must discuss your fitness app features with your app developer. An app must be feature-rich and user-friendly. Decide all features about user profiles, activity tracker, payment options, notifications, and coaches profiles.
  • Hire A Developer Team: One of the most important parts is hiring a fitness app developer. Choose an expert developer who can understand your requirements and be able to provide a quality app at an affordable price.

  • How Can You Increase Revenue through Custom Fitness Apps?

  1. Custom apps can be free and paid. You can choose both options for your users. Offer more services in paid courses.
  2. Advertisements are one of the biggest sources to earn online. Show advertisements and earn more.
  3. Sponsored content revenue stream or monetization strategy involves partnering with fitness experts or gyms.

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