Bcoder offers formidable solutions for product and software development, seamlessly
integrating advanced technology to turn innovative ideas into enduring legacies.
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) exercises designed by licensed therapists to help you reduce stress, anxiety, depression and increase happiness.

Discover Nearby Rides
Allow Carbo Libre to access your location. Your current location will be displayed on the map while searching for rides.

Enterprise Training Platform for Vendors & Marketers Dedicated App for Marketing & Technical teams to get exposure to new products launched, take quizzes of their training, and Earn Badges for their performance. 5:11 Along with Admin panel to manage content, reports, analytics, and KPIs regarding user behavior on the app.
Easy checkout for Truckers
The platform is designed for all electronic music lovers, DJs, Club owners, Event managers, and festival operators. Couchvibes is a new video-streaming platform that broadcasts live electronic music performances.
Small Apartment Inspector
A platform that supports maintenance and inspection activities for apartments with 50 units or fewer. It helps small Apartment Owners leverage Technology like Never Before.
Beauty Knock
An online Beautician Booking Platform that helps customers find and book beauty appointments conveniently based on their location and preferred category. The platform offers subscription plans that allow customers to schedule recurring appointments with their chosen beautician.
Strategy Street:
A networking platform for CMOS and CEOS to connect with each other for group events and communication through one-on-one chats and meetings. It is accessible to approved members.
Explore Perryton

Explore Perryton is your local guide to everything the city has to offer. Explore local businesses, enjoy events happening in your city, and get a daily dosage of your local news.

Earth Virtual
CRM for Orlando-based Rocky Mountian photography for complete operational automation from internal lead-sales Management to content & resource hiring including dedicated apps for clients to track projects.
Many Active
ManyActive is the leading fitness and Wellness membership to Africa’s largest network of fitness and wellness sessions, including gyms, spas, personal trainers, salons, beauticians and more across Africa.
Wagkart is an app designed specifically for walkers, which allows them to track their current walking location in real-time. The app offers subscription packages with additional features.
A subscription-based platform that empowers creators to produce captivating and top-notch content for their followers, with the aim of generating revenue.
SW Leasing Car Leasing Platform
SW Leasing is an international Car leasing company offering super car leasing to enterprises with all its operations managed digitally through a mobile app and portal.
Express Auto
Express Auto is a software platform that has been designed to streamline the job booking and processing workflow for staff. It offers features for invoicing and billing, as well as a backend system for managing jobs and services.
Makecents Fin-Learning
Makecents is Fin-Tech e-Learning platform focused on financial technology that utilizes interactive quizzes and lessons delivered through a conversational interface.
This platform uses QR codes to track the attendance of visitors to a dance studio. Each visitor is assigned a unique QR code in their app, which is scanned at the entrance to record their attendance for the class.
Platform allows users to book doorstep car wash services. The platform integrates with a smart Keycafe box to securely hold and exchange keys, making the process more convenient for both the user and the service provider.
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