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The healthcare field is huge and covers lots of medical aspects. So, here we provide custom healthcare app development services that help to fulfill our clients’ healthcare app needs.


Our expert developers offer feature-rich app designs. bCoder develops mHealth apps that meet clients’ needs and lead to high business growth. Fulfilling our clients’ app necessities is our priority.


We create healthcare apps that can be accessible to multiple users. Users can keep their health records and data confidential. Only a particular user and doctor can be able to check records.

Develop a Healthcare App

Quality healthcare applications. We challenge the limits of traditional healthcare with innovative self-care solutions.
bCoder is a healthcare software development company that provides healthcare solutions to the leading fitness & health brands. We develop healthcare apps with new technology to ensure a healthy lifestyle along with medical care.

Artificial Intelligence in Development of Healthcare Applications

mobile app

The digital ledger nature of blockchain makes it ideal to record transactions for data owners, healthcare providers, and other agencies. It makes data more secure and accurate for transferring. The use of blockchain solves the widespread problems in healthcare information systems related to interoperability and non-standardization in the industry.
All shortcomings in the system can be addressed effectively by blockchain, in conjunction with AI. Blockchain introduces the complete elimination of third-party. Blockchain can save the healthcare industry, operations costs, and insurance frauds.

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Make Your Brand Stand Out With Reliable Healthcare App Development Services

At bCoder, we combine the latest web technologies with creative thinking to provide excellent healthcare app development services.

What we do

  • Implement new technologies
  • Manages Web Lifecycle
  • Deliver Services On-Time
  • Meet Your Digital Demands

Main Features of Our Healthcare
App Development Services


Social Logins

We provide the option for users to sign up and sign in by using their google IDs or various social media IDs. According to a survey, social logins increase the number of signups.

User Accounts

Both healthcare advisers and patients can manage their accounts from the app. Users can check doctor’s qualifications and experience data, and their health records and prescriptions.


People now love to visit appointments that help to save their time. We give appointment book options for patients. We provide calendar date options along with the available time slots.


It is one of the main features of our healthcare app development service. Patients can chat with customer care service providers or with doctors directly. It helps to clear patients’ doubts.

Video Calling

Patients can make a video call to their doctor if they are not able to go to the clinic. Users can consult their healthcare checker during a busy schedule and also let the doctors consult more patients.

Symptom Checker

Identifying diseases early helps to heal fast. We provide a symptom checker feature in apps that helps users to find their disease by putting their health symptoms.


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From app idea to reality,
bCoder helped us.

I’m extremely satisfied with the healthcare app developed by BCoder. The app is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for me to track my health and medical information. The app integrates seamlessly with my electronic health record, and I love viewing my health history and test results all in one place. Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a comprehensive and reliable healthcare solution.


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