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We design products, websites, apps that meet user expectations and accomplish business goals.
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Client-Centered Services

We base our design strategy on the preferences of our clients and give top priority to creating user-friendly designs. We design entire applications and websites with UX design and work on engaging & user-friendly design approaches.

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Futuristic Design

We believe in crafting forward-thinking designs for mobile applications and websites. By integrating futuristic designs, we not only enhance visual appeal but also help to generate more revenue and increase business globally.

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Collaborative and Communicative

We are available to provide you with the best services. Discuss your business ideas directly with our expert designers. We offer collaborative and transparent services. Keeping regular meetings helps us deliver the best service to clients.

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UI/UX Design Services

BCoder offers comprehensive UI/UX design services to enhance the overall user experience of your digital products. Our UI UX design prototype services are integrated with development and strategy, including concepts, user flows, designs and final polish. Our team of experienced designers combines creativity and functionality to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces. We work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and design custom solutions that meet their unique needs. Being a top UI UX company USA, our design team crafts future proof and user friendly designs to Elevate Your Business.

How We Work to make our UI/UX Designs Effective

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The industries we serve


Job Dispatching


Social Networking Site


Business Website

Design Services

Which We Have Expertise In

Expert Consultation Services

Expert Consultation Services

Our team provides excellent consulting services for each step of the design process. We offer professional support suited to your demands, whether it's creating UI designs for online interfaces or mobile apps.



One of the main components of our UI/UX design and development services is wireframing. We carefully lay out the organization and content of your apps, giving you a clear development roadmap.



Usability-focused prototype creation is our area of expertise. We carefully optimize website layouts and place features in a deliberate manner to guarantee a user-friendly and responsive digital experience.

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Web Design

Use our services for responsive web design to improve your internet visibility. Our primary goal is to enhance the visual appeal, functionality, and usability of your web UI/UX design.

Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

We have experience with both iOS and Android mobile UI/UX design. We promise that your apps will look amazing and have excellent usability to keep customers coming back.

UI Design Services

UI Design Services

Our designer specializes in providing UI/UX design services. We carefully create user interfaces to make sure your apps are efficient and provide a smooth, pleasurable experience for users.

Our Process

Collaborate to deliver an Awesomeness process followed keeping it simple & productive.
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Short Weekly Deliveries

To grab quick feedback and avoid reworks.

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Daily Status Sharing

Highlight what’s done, keeping you in sync with the whole process.

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SCM Tools & Clean Coding

Via Git/Bitbucket to keep code Safe, and maintainable over cloud repos.

Technology stack

Based on market trends, we deliver end-to-end UI/UX design solutions, integrating seamlessly for comprehensive web and mobile app experiences that align with your unique needs.
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Adobe Xd

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Media Encoder

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After Effects

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Adobe Illustrator

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Corel draw



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From Paper napkin sketchs to Transformation products


Design Driven >> Development Process
Utilizing pure agile we define the components, logic, and activities per screen. Our design and development teams communicate with you often and quickly iterate on product features until you and your customers love the product we deliver.

Timely Delivery

Delivering an end to end software specifications document covering, everything that needs to be done before a single line of code is written.

Fluent Communication

English being second language, team is able to effective communicate Verbally, writtern over call & text with client, making communication seamless.

Be on the Top

Whether a Techie or Non-Tech Client, with our Agile and interactive processes, you can have control of the process, be guided and aware of the core.

TOOLS & Technologies

From Figma, Xd, and other design tools we cater a wide range of experiences in integrating diverse UI/UX design elements, ensuring seamless user experiences through agile practices.
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Chakde 11

Chakde 11

Download an online fantasy gaming app Chakde11 where you can play cricket based on your skills by forming a team inside the app and winning prizes. There are many contests available for you to participate in.


Welcome to a transformative experience designed just for you. Discover the power of AI-driven coaching and connect with professionals for personalized sessions. Elevate your mental well-being and embark on a journey to a happier, healthier life.
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novalty 720


A game-changing platform for content creators and influencers in the digital storytelling sphere. Novlt empowers users to get over creative blocks, organise ideas & stay updated with post insights into their storytelling journey, helping them improve and grow their audience.


Real clients, real success – see what they’re saying about us.


Our company, which specializes in web and mobile consulting, have 500+ satisfied clients worldwide and delivered 2000+ platforms. We take great satisfaction in our role as a top-tier consulting firm, helping businesses by presenting transformative ideas that inspire progress at every stage.
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